Wednesday, October 28, 2009

50 days

i have been here in spain for 50 days today. i figured it was time to jot down some thoughts.
well, i have found my favorite spot in my neighborhood. it´s basically a beach outlet, but i guess its more like the side of a mountain, and like a quarry; it is a large opening with mostly mountainside and trees but also beach and big rocks that the water crashes against with absolute beauty and natural power. After soaking in that part of the scenery, i discovered the INCREDIBLE "puesta del sol", or sunset, which is the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. looking out into the mediterranean sea and against the coast jutting out to the right, one can view the intricate colors and the natural beauty. so pictures very soon.
and school is getting easier. the first month many of my classmates were hesitant to speak to me, which makes sense, because my spanish was terrible and their english obviously not as fluent as mine is. so the language barrier has been an issue, but as of late more classmates talk to me and that directly leads to me experiencing better days and learning much more spanish, as i´m practicing much more.
i have been living here for 50 days. i still cant get that through my head. it has flown by, it has inched by, it been the the best of times, and the most difficult, but everything well worth it.
i am thinking since it is the beginning of the day, i might just have more to say later on. for now, i want to recognize and document how absolutely blessed i am to be here experiencing life in spain. it feels like a dream, and thankfully i dont have to wake from this dream for another 8 months or so..

Friday, October 16, 2009


Last weekend my host family and I visited the southern city of Córdoba, a city full of tourists, pubs, and more importantly history. The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Córdoba was originally a Moorish Mosque, but was converted into a Gothic style cathedral during the Spanish Reconquista. The mixture of cultures provides for an absolutely magnificent monument. The building began around 600 AD, which absolutely blows my mind. The place is breathtaking. It was incredible to be in the presence of something so ancient and so beautiful.
The old streets of Córdoba are so small ad lovely. And although there is not much room for trees or plants, many homes have patios or gardens in the middle, providing the beauty of nature in an area where there is no room for yards or lawns, unless you are royalty. In windows of the three-story buildings are hanging plants and planters, filled with fragrant flowers and sometimes herbs. You can almost reach across from one house to the other.
While there, I overheard Muslims, Brits, other Americans, and many, many Spanish speakers. It was interesting for me to hear the differences in dialects, as my host family is from the Valencian community on the east coast and we were in Andalucia, the southernmost autonomous community.