Friday, May 14, 2010

50 days

I used to count up the days, looking on my time put in here in Spain. Now however the days pass me by at such a rapid rate, and counting down has become the easier and more obvious management of time. But what really is time anymore? I was just flying over here, nervous and new to it all.
I arrived last September unaware that this exchange year would fly by faster than my senior year, faster than I believed possible. And here I am, having learned so much Spanish, so much about myself and others, with so much gratitude and curiosity for this incredible place I live, who inhabits it, how it works and why it does. This chapter of my life, though not over yet, has added to the journey something I will forever look back on with fond memories and satisfaction. Leaving will pose as another challenge on the second day of July, 50 days from today. But I am glad for it, excited for my next adventure. Bring it. I crave it.
The relationships made are things far more genuine and priceless than money or things. Relationships, time and effort and love, aren´t visible to the eye, nor cost anyhting. Which is what makes it so special.