Sunday, January 17, 2010

la vida es marvillosa.

la la la life is wonderful.

today i have broken out the flip-flops. the frigid wind has subsided and the sun is beaming down. yes, it is only january 17th, but i´m one to be impatient when it comes to the upcoming summer, so i´m trying to push it along by letting me toes be free and unclothed by house slippers or socks, boots or flats. though it is not fresh enough yet to hit the beach, i have moved my shorts and short dresses out of the bottom drawer and into the closet, awaiting the beautiful day when i can walk outside and sweat from the blast of humidity and sunshine.

no more holding coats in bars, shivering at the bus stop, nor wearing layers to bed. i await the heat and will enjoy burning my skin. none of this is sarcasm, might i add--i simply love the heat and find cold weather distasteful and uncomfortable. however this will be my next challenge, to get over my disgust for mr. winter, but as of right now i am going to be celebrating the coming warm weather.

over 4 and a half months here and though there have been numerous exchange students who have gone home, i cannot imagine myself finding any problems with this country, because now it is nothing but my home, my family, my norm. i wake up every morning with no feelings of being out of place or away from "home". i wake up and make myself a strong cup of coffee and have toast with oil, take an apple or tangerine and meanwhile i am thinking, breathing, living spanish.

the other night my host mom and sister were asking me what some economic term was in english, and i had to be honest and tell them i couldn´t think in english anymore. when i´m immersed in a spanish conversation, it seems nearly impossible to change to english all of the sudden. spanish is where i am comfortable, and realizing it or not in the moment, my thoughts are all in spanish. what an achievement, what a nice problem to have.

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