Sunday, January 31, 2010

by golly.

lately, as i have been passing people in the street or taking the bus into town, my senses confuse me. i hear talking, and for the most part it´s in spanish, given the fact i live in spain. but sometimes, particularly this past week, the sounds are processed but in my head simply become meanings, not specific words in either spanish or english. it freaked me out when i first started noticing, since i wasn´t sure what it was i´d heard. i would pay closer attention to try differentiating between the two, and 98% of the time it ended up español, go figure.
but now they aren´t just sounds i hear, no longer the strange but suave spanish syllables, but meanings, with significance, and of course purpose. this may not make sense to anybody but me, but that´ll do just fine. i suppose it indirectly brings me to the point of appreciating the things i am learning, such as a second language. and my fascination with the world around me grows, by golly, does it ever.

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