Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 months in, 5 months more

the time is flying at a rapid rate and life in alicante is comfortable and normal; i get up, go to school usually, go to language class in the afternoon, have a great cup of coffee, do some reading, eat dinner with my family, watch the news in español, go to bed, and repeat.

being already halfway through my exchange is bringing me to the reality that this seemingly perpetual vacation will have an end, in fact, and it will come sooner than i expect. that in mind, every moment, although just another day, is to be cherished. kudos to parents who allow their children to participate in this life-changing experience. and to the people who put together and support all of us. and to all of the friends and family, in my mother country and here abroad, every person is important and i thank everyone.

now that relationships are growing closer, the ties are tight, and having to break those ties is going to be difficult. changing back to another culture upon return is yet another sequence of challenges and difficulties that i will be faced with. but i await it all with open mind and heart.

"La vida es eso
que te pasa mientras
tu intentas
hacer otra cosa."

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  1. Hey big girl. I love you and miss you. Not the saviest of electronic communicators, but I watch your progress, and I have you covered back here in the homeland.